Membership Facts

Yes, of course I know about the Friends of Bolton Priory. They have cheese and wine parties and raise money don’t they? No, I'm not a member, I’ve just never got round to it, and anyway, I don’t want to get given a job. I never was any good at selling raffle tickets and I'm sure I do my bit for the Priory already with the Sunday collections.

Well yes, we do have one annual cheese and wine party, it is held after the Advent Carol Service and is always a social highlight of the year. All the rest is far from the truth.


The annual individual membership is currently only £7 per year, £10 for couples and £7 for retired couples. There are no money raising events and no raffles. The finances come via subscriptions and occasional gratefully received legacies.


A regular newsletter keeps us up to date with past and future events and local celebrities.

Our website also provides photographs and news on

Membership also gives you the opportunity to come to the the cheese and wine, theatre visits, annual spring lecture with a wide variety of speakers and a summer outing which usually involves a coach, a good lunch, a visit to somewhere spectacular and a whole lot of fellowship. The AGM is heavily disguised as an excellent Sunday buffet lunch with even more socialising.


Over the last twenty two years the Friends have donated over £38,000 to the Priory on a huge variety of items from hymn books to sound systems. These have included a new Rector’s Cape and robes for the choir. Recently we spent £1,450 on a sanctuary carpet, bibles and an office computer. The last two are actually to replace items previously donated by the Friends.


We currently have 360 members, many of whom of course are regular members of the congregation. Around 40% however are anything but local and the address list includes London, Cheshire, Scotland, Wales, France, Portugal and U.S.A.

So why not join us? It won’t break the bank, and you will enjoy the entertainment on offer. Just ring Chairman Andrew Hartley, 01943 600645, or drop a note in to the Church Office.