The Priory Church of St. Mary & St. Cuthbert

This ancient Christian foundation carries on and carries forward a long tradition of worship reaching back to its foundation by Alice de Romille in 1154. For nearly four centuries Augustinian Canons honoured Christ's two great commandments: " Love the Lord thy God" and "Love thy Neighbour". The former they observed by a rigorous and devoted routine of worship within the Priory. The latter they sought to follow by ministering both spiritually and physically to the people of the neighbourhood.


After the Reformation the monastic style of worship was no more, but the Priory's role as a Parish Church was maintained, worship continued uninterrupted in the Nave of the Old Priory and so continues to this day. The Priory is a place dedicated to the worship of God. It is a place which people from all parts and all walks of life can and do come. They find tranquillity, they find peace of heart and mind, and for many there is an aura of prayer and of closeness to God which is very real.


The Priory has from time to time in its long history, faced many problems and overcome them. Within the last two decades it has seen a remarkable transformation from near dereliction to the flourishing vibrant Church of today. In the disordered and often anxious times which afflict both nations and individuals the Priory bears living testimony to the Augustinian vision of eternal values. Long may it, through the Grace of God, continue so to do.

       For more information please visit the   Priory Church Website  .

       For more information please visit the Priory Church Website.